Client Centric Commitment

Almost 75 % of the market is controlled by publically traded organizations.  Their executives are compensated in a large part based on share price. If incentives are aligned it works well for both parties. Araya’s health and stability is based on retaining our client base. Aligning our goals with our clients is the only way we can.

Data Driven Intelligence

Information derived from the claims processing system represents a valuable client asset. Araya leverages this asset to the client’s advantage in many ways.  Other PBMs leverage this asset through increase rebate from manufacturers that are seldom shared with clients , driving prescriptions to their pharmacies.

Intuitive Application

The standardization that exists within this industry allows for great economies of scale and efficiency. At the same time it make PBM look very much the same. All PBM have the same tools at their disposal. How the tools are used is how payors can differentiate between companies that are very similar.

Pharmacy Benefit Management: Araya’s Complete Services Package

Claims Processing

The Araya claims processing system provides a flexible, cost effective and real time solution for drug benefit administration.

100 Million Claims

Araya’s software is used to process over 100 million claims annually.

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Provider Network Development

Araya does not own or have financial interest in any of the pharmacies that provide prescription drugs to our client’s members.

64,000 Participating Pharmacies

Araya’s national network includes over 64,000 pharmacies.

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Benefit Design Consultation

Araya offers solutions fitting within the existing framework tailored to maximize impact and minimize member disruption.

Flexibility…thoughtful application

Collective bargaining agreements, coverage mandates and market forces all play a role in shaping the prescription drug benefit. We work with you to optimize your benefit coverage.

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PBMs capture vast amounts of data through the on-line adjudication process. Let us show you the value of your data.

Let us show you the value of your data

The information gleaned from the data is the most valuable deliverable we bring to our clients. We use and share it with you as soon and as often possible.

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Clinical Consultation Services

Effective clinical management does not have to cause member disruption to reduce costs

Cost Effective Therapy Design

Araya’s clinical team continually reviews new products and helps our clients determine which truly offer additional benefits for your members and which ones are hype.

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What's Next?

The dynamic nature of the healthcare environment favors organizations that are forward thinking and nimble.

Always questioning the status quo

Araya is continually looking for new and innovative ways to maximize the resources our clients devote to providing prescription drug benefits.

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Client Satisfaction Is Our Number One Priority

We will be your trusted partner and ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our PBM services.

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